Land Titles Office

The land registration system in Nunavut is based on the Torrens system of land registration. The Land Titles Act establishes the system of registration of title to privately owned lands, as well as providing for the officials to operate the system, and the records that are to be maintained by them. Under this system, the Government has custody of all original documents, titles and plans of survey and is responsible for the validity and security of all registered land title information.

The Act permits the filing of plans of survey of Crown lands and the subsequent registration of a grant from the Crown to a person or entity. Following registration of the grant, the Registrar will issue a certificate of title to the new owner. Subject to certain listed exceptions, the certificate is conclusive proof of the ownership of the land. In addition to the Land Titles Act, a number of other Acts are important to the operation of the Land Titles Office, in particular the Condominium Act and the Mechanics' Lien Act.

The Land Titles Office also registers transfers of ownership, mortgages, leases, easements, caveats, powers of attorney, writs of execution, mechanics' liens, plans of subdivision and condominiums. All legal documents and plans submitted to the Land Titles Office are reviewed by the staff, to ensure that they comply with the Land Titles Act and other applicable legislation, case law, policies and procedures before being accepted for registration.

An assurance fund is established under the Land Titles Act to compensate those who are deprived of their rightful interest in land as a result of the operation of the Act, or errors by the officials administering the Act.

All registered documents, plans and titles maintained in the Land Titles Office are available for inspection by the public.

Notice to Clients: POLAR Implementation

The Land Titles Office of the Government of Nunavut is pleased to announce that POLAR, Nunavut's Parcelized Online Registration system is now available for the submission of land transaction documents..

POLAR, Canada's first cloud-based land registration system, will provide legal practitioners with a host of real-time search and registration features, including 24-hour accessibility and online billing.

Effective April 28th, 2014, pursuant to s. 20.2. (2) of the Land Titles Act, as am., all documentation for filing or registration is required to be submitted electronically.

Requests for accounts can be sent to the Land Titles Office - You must include the name, address, phone number and email address of those users requiring access. Account activation emails will then be sent directly to those users.  

Note: As of April 28th, 2014, the Land Titles Office NO LONGER ACCEPTS PAPER SUBMISSIONS.

The current alternate channel for electronic submissions, (PDFs via email), will remain open until further notice. You are, however, encouraged to take advantage of the many features that POLAR offers including:

  • online access to land information in real-time;
  • online title and General Register/Writ searching;
  • online payment processing;
  • 24-hr access for submissions;
  • instant notification of the status of each submission;
  • a secure workspace in which to build packages for submission and which retains your past work and work in progress;
  • ability to prepare documents online and generate for office use, using prescribed forms where appropriate;
  • real-time verification of instrument, title, and party details;
  • lifetime, free access to documents that you register;
  • real-time check-lists of requirements for various types of documents;

POLAR is an intuitive web-based application and should require no training. Should you have any questions, please call our office and we will be pleased to walk you through the first steps.

Please note that as solicitors, you are required to guarantee the proper execution of all documentation related to the data you submit via POLAR. Further details will be available on the login-page for POLAR.

At this time, we highly recommend you access POLAR using the Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers for an optimal experience.

Email Search Requests and Submissions

The Land Titles Office now accepts submission of all search requests and documentation by email. Click here for more information