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Corporate Registries

Corporate Registries is responsible for:
  • the incorporation of businesses, societies and co-operative associations;
  • registering companies incorporated in other jurisdictions but carrying on business in the Nunavut, and
  • the registration of partnerships, sole proprietorships and certain business names.

All changes to a registered or filed corporation's name, objectives, share structure or bylaws must be approved by the Registrar.

Corporations are also required to file various other documents such as:

  • annual returns,
  • notices of directors or officers,
  • notices of the registered office address and
  • financial statements.
Forms, instructions, and a fee schedule are available here.

The applicable legislation also provides for the means by which a corporation may voluntarily dissolve as well as the means by which it may be dissolved or struck from the register for failure to meet all filing obligations.

All documents maintained in the corporate registries are available for inspection by the public.

It should be noted that the Corporate Registries office does not in general act as an enforcement agency, provide legal counseling services, supervise the conduct of corporations or non-profit organizations, nor act as a mediator in the case of internal disputes.

Email Search Requests and Submissions

Corporate Registries now accepts submission of all search requests and documentation by email. Click here for more information, and here for our Corporate Registries Submissions Guide.