Legal Registries

The Legal Registries Division administers the registration of corporations, various commercial documents, securities brokers and issuers, and land ownership. Almost all records are available to the public to view or obtain copies.



Please be advised that our office has moved to the following location:

4th Floor, Building 1106, IQALUIT NU

Our mailing address remains unchanged.


Corporate Registries

Corporate Registries are responsible for incorporating business corporations, co-operatives and societies as well as registries of corporations incorporated elsewhere but are carrying on business in Nunavut. Limited partnerships, partnerships and business names are also registered in this office.

Personal Property Registry

Purchasers of personal property (any property other than land) and lenders of money where personal property is collateral, can protect their interest in the property by filing their interest in the Personal Property Registry.

Land Titles Office

This office is responsible for the registration of land ownership and other interests such as leases and mortgages. Certificate of title issued by Land Titles is proof of an owner's title to the property, subject to certain exceptions and any liens or interests recorded on the certificate of title.

Office of the Superintendent of Securities

This office is responsible for providing basic protection for investors by:

  • licensing stockbrokers and salespersons;
  • requiring that a company must disclose details of its activities and finances before it may sell its shares or other securities to the general public (adequacy of this disclosure is monitored by staff); and
  • providing investor education.

Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Public

The appointment and responsibilities of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public are governed by various sections in both the Federal and Northwest Territories Evidence Acts.

The Nunavut Evidence Act allows the Minister of Justice to appoint individuals to these positions. Those wishing to apply to be appointed as either a Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public can find more information here.